The Chinese crested dog is not a manufactured breed, meaning someone did not take two or more existing breeds to product a new breed.  It is classified as a rare breed and in 1991 when I was introduced to them there were only an estimated 400 of them in the US.

I acquired my first hairless girl and she soon became the newest child in my household.  Realizing the pleasure this unique all black hairless child brought into my life I went looking for a male to breed her to so I could share this unique pleasure with others.  

That was like looking for a needle in a haystack.   There was no internet that instantly found anything you were looking for, so it was dog magazine classified adds.  Even then there were no crested adds to be found.  I would have joined a sperm of the month club if I could have found one.  

My first crested came from a Gypsy Rose Lee Bitch that she had given to one of her dancing ladies.   The lady died in a nursing home and my breeder rescued the girl to go with the boy she already had. So it was back to the breeder I went and she finally located a suitable boy for me and my Chinese crested family started to grow.

 In 1993 I started showing my Dog in AKC competition and started collecting a mountain of ribbons and many AKC champions.   At this time I have over 100 AKC Champions to my credit.

If you are looking for that special child to add to your home than always go to a responsible breeder.  There are lots of back yard breeders, breeding cresteds that are not Show quality.  If you want a Quality puppy contact me at bestcrested@gmail.com